Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) is a synthetic antioxidant commonly used as a preservative in skincare products. It prevents the oxidation of oils and fats which helps extend the shelf life of products and inhibit the development of rancidity and spoilage. BHA is sometimes included in formulas for its antioxidant properties and its potential to stabilize and protect certain ingredients from degradation because of exposure to air and light.


Butylated Hydroxyanisole


BHA is a synthetic compound that was first developed as a food preservative but is now created through chemical processes.


BHA is generally considered safe and is well-tolerated on most skin, but some may experience irritation or allergies, particularly when used in high concentrations.


Preserves Product

BHA prevents the oxidation of oils and fats that can lead to rancidity and spoilage which helps extend the shelf life of skincare products.

Improves Product Stability

BHA helps stabilize formulations so that products remain effective and safe for use over time.

Protects against Environmental Damage

While primarily used as a preservative, BHA does have antioxidant properties that can protect against free radical damage that causes premature aging.