Rose essential oil is a highly prized and aromatic oil extracted from the petals of various species of roses, most commonly Rosa damascena or Rosa centifolia, through steam distillation or solvent extraction. It possesses an exquisite, sweet, and floral fragrance that is often associated with romance and luxury. Rose essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its potential to uplift mood, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being, as well as for its skin-nourishing properties in skincare products.


Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Oil


Rose essential oil is extracted from the petals of the Rosa damascena, commonly known as the Damask rose. This fragrant flower is native to regions in Asia, particularly Iran, but is also cultivated in various parts of the world, including Bulgaria, Turkey, and France.


Skin Hydration

Rose oil is known for its hydrating properties, making it suitable for dry or dehydrated skin. It can help retain moisture and prevent dryness.


It contains antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, potentially reducing the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Brightening

Rose oil can promote a brighter complexion by improving skin tone and texture.

Skin Soothing

It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated or sensitive skin, reducing redness and inflammation.

Skin Regeneration

Rose oil supports skin cell regeneration, aiding in the healing of scars, stretch marks, and blemishes.


Emotional Balance

Rose essential oil is renowned for its sweet and floral scent, which can reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression, promoting emotional well-being.

Mood Elevation

Inhalation of rose vapor can uplift the mood, enhance self-esteem, and create a sense of inner peace and contentment.


Rose oil is often considered an aphrodisiac due to its romantic and sensual aroma, enhancing intimacy and romantic feelings.

Stress Reduction

It can reduce symptoms of stress and tension, promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

Spiritual Connection

Rose oil is used in spiritual practices and meditation to create a sacred atmosphere, enhance focus, and deepen one's connection with the self.


Essential oils, when used in skincare, must be diluted to avoid skin irritation or adverse reactions. Use discretion and follow instructions on product labels.