Cucumber, known as cucumis sativus, is a widely cultivated and consumed vegetable that's commonly used in skincare products including creams, lotions, toners and facial masks, to hydrate and soothe skin. It's also found in eye creams and gels, where its natural coolness can reduce puffiness and alleviate tired eyes. Cucumber can also be included in sunburn relief products to provide relief to sun-damaged skin.


Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract


Cucumbers are believed to have originated in South Asia, specifically in the region of present-day India and they have been cultivated and enjoyed as a vegetable for thousands of years in various parts of the world.


Cucumber is generally well-tolerated on most skin and offers a soothing sensation, especially those with sensitive or irritated skin.


Hydrates Skin

Cucumber's high water content effectively hydrates skin.

Soothes and Calms Skin

Cucumber has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and discomfort to soothe and calm irritated or sunburned skin.

Reduces Puffiness

The coolness of cucumber can help reduce puffiness and swelling, especially around the eyes which makes it a common ingredient in eye creams and treatments.

Refreshes Skin

Cucumber's refreshing sensation can invigorate skin and create a sense of relaxation.

Protects against Environmental Damage

It contains antioxidants like vitamin C and caffeic acid, which can protect skin from free radical damage for a healthier complexion.

Cleanses Naturally

Cucumber can be used as a natural cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from skin and leave it feeling clean and refreshed.