Fragrance, often referred to as perfume or scent, is a complex mixture of various aromatic compounds, essential oils and synthetic chemicals carefully blended to create a pleasant and unique scent. These scents are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products like perfumes, colognes, soaps, creams and lotions, to improve the sensory experience and leave a pleasing scent on skin or hair. Fragrance can evoke emotions, memories and moods, making it a powerful and integral component of many consumer products. But, because the specific ingredients used in fragrance formulas are generally proprietary and considered trade secrets, they are often listed on product labels simply as "Fragrance" or "Parfum."




Fragrance compounds used in cosmetics and personal care products can come from a variety of sources like natural extracts including essential oils derived from plants, flowers, fruits and spices, and synthetic chemicals created in laboratories to mimic specific scents.


Fragrance tolerance on skin varies widely among individuals. Some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances while others may have no adverse reactions. Fragrance is not recommended for use in products intended for sensitive or easily irritated skin. Fragrance-free skincare products can be used as an alternative for those who want to remove the risk of reactions.


Fragrance in skincare products primarily improves the sensory experience and offers a pleasant scent that can promote relaxation and overall user experience during skincare routines.