Synthetic fragrance refers to fragrance ingredients that are chemically created rather than derived from natural sources. These fragrances are used in a wide range of skincare products like creams, lotions, cleansers and perfumes to improve the product's scent and create a more pleasurable sensory experience during use. But, some prefer fragrance-free skincare products to avoid potential skin sensitivities or allergies associated with synthetic fragrances.


Fragrance or Parfum


Synthetic fragrances are created in laboratories through a combination of various chemical compounds. They are designed to mimic specific scents found in nature or to create entirely unique fragrances.


Synthetic fragrance tolerance on skin varies. Although most do not experience adverse reactions, synthetic fragrances can potentially cause irritations or allergic reactions on others, particularly those with sensitive skin.


Masks Unpleasant Product Odors 

Synthetic fragrance can help mask the natural odors of certain ingredients in skincare formulas to make the product more pleasurable.

Improves Product Experience

Fragrance can make skincare products a more appealing and pleasurable experience to ensure consistent use.

Improves Mood and Well-Being 

Pleasurable scents from synthetic fragrances can have a psychological impact that includes relaxation and stress reduction during application.